Henry Borrero 

Guitarrist, composer, producer and musician from Medellin, Colombia.

Henry, has over 20 years of experience in the music industry, a long path in wich he has influenced several generations of young players.

His prominent career started with the Thrash Metal band "Deimos", in wich he was founder and composer. At the age of 18, he earned the place for the lead guitarrist in the colombian band "Kraken". Definetly the bigest and most influential band in the history of colombian and latin american Rock. There, Henry played an important roll as composer, and was a fundamental piece in the creation of the band's fifth record: El símbolo de la huella. Henry's path continued as guitarrist, composer and producer for Kuza Xué,and also as sesion musician, recording with artist as: Bobby Cruz, Raquel Zozaya, Nando Juglar, Pastor López, Junior Bombastik, Anabella, Combo de las Estrellas, Fernando Pabón, and many more. In several ocations he was also the main guitarrist in live performances for said artists.

Henry is currently working on the second record of his solo project -already produced and composed its first record "Escenas"-. When he is not on the road playing, he also gives private classess in his very own home studio. And is also a music teacher in the Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes and in the Escuela Superior Débora Arango.




Santiago Lynett

Santiago Torres Lynett is a colombian musician and guitarrist born in Cali, but living and working in Bogota since 2007. Santiago has a bast experience as a sension player, with over 100 recordings with artist as: Fonseca, Santiago Cruz, Cali Y El Dandee, Vicente García, Siam, Galy Galiano, Alejandro González, Mike Bahía, Pipe Bueno, Karoll Marquez, Marbelle, Ilona, and many more. A path that has given him several nominations and even a Latin Grammy in 2014 for his participation in the record "Fonseca Sinfónico" under "Best Vocal Pop Traditional Record". His vast experience in recording studios has allowed him to develop a unique but versatile style, even when his favorites are Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues and Country. 

As a live guitarrist, Santiago has worked with several international artist as Reik (Mexico), India Martinez (Spain), o Amanda Miguel y Diego Verdaguer (Argentina), just to name a few, and also several colombian singers as Sebastián Yatra, Andrés Cepeda or Camilo Echeverry.

Santiago is currently the guitar player for "Fonseca Sinfónico" and the pop duo, SIAM.







Sus Vasquez

Sus Vasquez is a colombian guitarrist and composer. She is considered as a very versatile player, for her habilities in several styles. In 2016 Sus was awared as one of the 5 finalist in the "Kiesel Guitar" contest, over 5.000 plus participants from around the world. 

Sus had played with several artist as: Piso21, Karol G, Federico Franco and Fernando Gil . She's also participated as a solo player in several festivals and concerts around the country, with her own rock fusion style. 

As a composer, Sus has written the music for shortfilms, and some other contemporary classical music pieces. 

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Sus is without any doubt in the path of becoming very soon in one of the best players of her generation.